Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Pollution in China", a photo-documentary by Lu Guang

China has slowly become the World's most powerful country, demographically but commercially as well. With the effect of globalization, companies from developed countries outsource their production in this country where the labor remains very cheap. But this economic growth is not as good as it seems. In fact, many issues accompany the development of this country, often to the detriment of local populations and the environment: Poverty, diseases, malformations, premature deaths, toxic rivers, dying ecosystems, etc

The photo documentary below, simply entitled "Pollution in China", is the work of Lu Guang, a Chinese photographer. I have inserted a few pictures below to show you how sad, disgusting and heart breaking some of these pictures are. You can also view the full gallery with the comments translated in English on China Hush or the original photo gallery (in Chinese) on Fengniao.

These are sadly beautiful pictures definitely worth sharing.

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