The object of this site is to share interesting (and yet shocking) facts and information about environmental issues. Writing articles is essential as it is the best way to communicate an opinion or give detailed information about a particular issue. However, words cannot always describe the seriousness of the situation and therefore, we strongly encourage sharing videos and/or photos.

Ironically, spreading the word can be in other forms than just words. Media files, by their visual nature, are more likely to be shared between people.

Can I become a contributor to this blog?

Yes! We are currently looking for new contributors!
As you know, this site was recently launched and lacks content in order to kick off.
So if you feel like you support our cause and want to get more involved, know that you can become a contributor. We will ask you to post at least a couple articles per month if possible but we do not have strict rules. This site is in English and therefore we will ask you to only write articles in English. If you feel like your level of English is not good enough, don't worry! We can always proof read it before posting (English is not my mothertongue either!).

I have an environmental issue I want to share, but don't want to be a contributor

No worries! Just submit your story or concern on our contact form and we will get in touch with you in order to come up with an interesting post.

Don't forget, our planet is a beautiful place that deserves to be taken care of. We humans are smart enough to take the right decisions before it is too late.

This blog is acting regardless of politics, we just want to do our little part for this poor planet.

Picture from Nello Spazio
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