Wednesday, November 23, 2011

'This is George', fighting against climate change

The Poor Planet blog was created to help raise awareness around environmental issues across the globe. There is always so much people can do to help. But being aware of an issue is always the very first step.
It is for the exact same reason that a group of "amateur thinkers, producers, designers, animators and artists" from Australia have come together and produced 'This is George', a great little animation video to explain in simple words the issue and challenge climate change represents.

This is their submission to a competition entitled ‘Communicating Climate Change through Visuals’ opened by the Minor Foundation for Major Challenges. This competition is an attempt to make people understand and accept the statement: "Emissions from human use of fossil energy cause climate change".
This video definitely gets our vote.

"This is George" website / facebook page / twitter page
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