Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ocean of Truth - Stunning video & amazing facts about our Ocean

Below is a stunning video brought to you by Conservation International. The footage really shows how unique, amazing, beautiful and vital our oceans and marine life are.

Life originates from the sea.
The measure of salt in our blood is the same as the Ocean's.
The Ocean is the largest place on earth, it covers 70% of the earth's surface.

What does this ocean do for us?
The Ocean provides 80% of the air we breathe.
The Ocean is the main protein source for 1 in 4 people worldwide.
The Ocean regulates temperature, absorbs 80% of climate change heat, and 50 times more carbon than the atmosphere.
The Ocean gives us medicines that help treat heart disease, cystic fibrosis and cancer.
The Ocean provides economic opportunity from fishing, transport, minerals and recreation to name a few.
The Ocean recycles substances (CO2, N, H20), that we need to live.
The Ocean sustains mangroves, wetlands and coral reefs that protect us from disasters.
The Ocean is home to the greatest diversity of life on earth.

Now the Ocean needs us.
It's our moment of truth.
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