Saturday, January 9, 2010

Deforestation amongst the "hidden" causes of global warming.

I came across this interesting news report on France24 regarding one of the "hidden" causes of global warming. Obviously we all knew deforestation was not a good thing, but the relation and impact of deforestation on climate change was slightly more subtle. According to the documentary, deforestation produce between 25 and 30% of the greenhouse gases released each year in the atmosphere. What's even more alarming, is that poor developing countries rely hugely on deforestation for many reasons: clearing fields for agriculture, producing and selling charcoal, etc. We need to help these countries develop sustainable yet growing economies. An example of what could be done is the result of SM Raju's project in India, that offers tree-planting jobs to thousands of families.

It is said that forests around the world disappear at a shocking rate of 2.4 acres, e-v-e-r-y single second. That's the equivalent of two football fields in size every second, or 172,800 footaball fields a day... What will happen when all major forests are gone?

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