Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day 2010: Bill Clinton & Al Gore take action

Earth Day, founded in 1970, was celebrating its 40th anniversary on April 22nd of this year. This date marks an annual opportunity to raise awareness of environmental issues, and appreciation of our planet.

This year, I have gathered two elements for you. The first one is an interview of former US President Bill Clinton organised by Their democratic initiative was welcomed on the Internet as anyone could ask a question to Clinton. He would then reply to the most dugg (=top rated) questions. I have embedded the video below for your own convenience.

The second element is a copy of Al Gore's Earth Day letter to all suscribers of his Repower America newsletter. Al Gore, former US presidential candidate, is also the founder of Repower America, a "Climate Protection Action Fund" that pushes political decisions/actions in fighting climate change. Enjoy the documents below and don't forget to do something for the environment (every day if possible :).

  • Bill Clinton's interview

  • Al Gore's letter
Despite the name, Earth Day is really about humanity.
Our planet has existed for billions of years and will continue to exist, no matter how much oil and coal we burn, no matter how much carbon pollution we dump into our atmosphere.
It's the survival of human civilization as we know it that's uncertain. Human consumption of fossil fuels threatens the conditions that we require to live on Earth -- conditions that only occur thanks to a carefully balanced set of circumstances so delicate and rare that they are now shockingly vulnerable to the impact of our newly powerful civilization. These conditions can change, and our actions on this planet are changing them every day. That is a scientific fact that no amount of political rhetoric can alter.
Taking on climate change is a huge challenge -- for America and the world. But the solutions are within our reach. We have the technology. We know the way forward. Now we have to get started on a scale that will matter.
As with so many global crises, the world is looking to America for leadership. In this case, leadership means action from the United States Congress -- and I am pleased to say that we are far closer than we have ever been. Since Earth Day last year, a landmark clean energy and climate bill has passed the House of Representatives, and as I write this, key Senators are reaching across the aisle to finish the job.
If the Senate steps up and passes strong legislation, success will be within reach.
But the forces of opposition are very powerful. And if we did nothing, we would fail - by falling prey to the cynicism of corporate lobbyists and the misinformation of self-serving politicians and pundits whose blatant disregard for scientific fact endangers us all.
So this Earth Day, I ask all of you to join together to take action to address climate change. [...]
Over the past 40 years, Earth Day has helped strengthen our awareness, sense of urgency and will to preserve the environment we rely on. It has served as a national reminder to reduce pollution, celebrate nature and make our air and water cleaner.
But today our task is even greater. Beyond careful stewardship of our natural resources, we must act to prevent a potential global catastrophe of unprecedented magnitude. We must aggressively respond to the threat of global climate change.
We created this crisis -- and we can solve it. That starts with strong action from Congress. This is a fight that we must not lose -- for the sake of every human being on the planet and for the generations to come.
Remember, Earth Day is about people -- and our future on this planet.
Thank you,
Al Gore
The Climate Protection Action Fund

For more information about other events happening on that day, head to
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