Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I’d Rather Wear Fur than go Naked

"I’d Rather Wear Fur than go Naked" - It is with this shocking statement that the French designer Quentin Veron introduced his latest collection during the Paris Fashion week a couple weeks ago. In the recent years, many organisations endorsed by celebrities have been fighting hard to ban fur from being treated as a fashion element, especially when animals are killed in cruel manners. Some of the major designers such as Channel have set the right example and now use synthetic fur which resembles exactly to the real one. Unlike popular beliefs, what used to be low quality is now as good if not better than natural fur, and no animal is harmed in the process.

PETA: I'd rather go naked than wear fur
The slogan used by Veron is in contrast with the PETA campaign against animal cruelty "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" (see PETA banner ad).

Not everyone will agree with me but I believe this kind of behavior is pure and simple provocation. There are other ways to get a couple of weeks of temporary fame/buzz. I'm gonna sound a bit harsh on that one but Quentin Veron IS a loser! I don't dislike his collections, I just hate that childish behavior. Below are a few pictures of dead racoons, foxes and minks.

Quentin Veron (aka the loser)
Gold foxes and black foxes in good health
The slogan (with "than go naked" on the back)
I'd rather wear fur...
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