Thursday, March 18, 2010

WildAid Videos to Save the Tigers

WildAid is an NGO acting through various programs in China, India, Canada and the Galapagos. In 2010, their focus is on saving the wild tigers. With only a few animals left in the wild, the different tiger species are under very high extinction threat. The reasons behind the decrease in their population is all related to human activities: Destruction of their natural habitat and poaching. Their meat, bones and other body parts are used in traditional Chinese medicine and their skin is sold at very high prices. Some people still believe that consuming Tiger body parts will give them strength. Please watch and share the few videos below made by WildLife.
Don't let the year of the tiger be the last year of the tigers

Tiger farms

Tigers do not make you stronger
feat. Zhan Xugang

feat. Maurice Greene

Year of the tiger
feat. Jackie Chan

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