Sunday, June 6, 2010, another Green Search Engine is a new "green" search engine, powered by 100% solar energy. It has a beautiful Flash design that makes navigation smooth and easy. It offers a search function which will let you find ecology related websites, blogs, articles and news. differs from other green search engines such as because its search results are not fetched from other search engines. Instead, the results come from links submitted on the website. For this reason, the results are still limited but should improve as publishers submit their site. By the way, site submission is free (link in the top right corner) so if you are the owner of an eco-related site, don't hesitate to add it. also offers a large variety of eco-related news, in which you can drill down and browse easily. This site, although its use is currently limited, has a lot of potential in bringing relevant and interesting content to those who are interested in these topics.

Below are a few screenshots of

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