Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stop torturing our aquatic life - Earth Choice TV ad

Most people living in developed countries are aware about environmental issues and yet they are very often the least concerned about the impact of their lifestyle on the environment. Some of our simple everyday gestures could make a big difference, if applied to millions of people around the world. Some of the most polluting products we consume our right in our homes, ranging from dish-washing liquid to laundry powder. Nature Organics is a company that takes these issues into account. Their brand include the Earth Choice products, which is far less harmful to the environment than other more "renowned" brands. Some people might think these products don't clean as well, but they're all just clichés. I've been using Earth Choice products here in Australia for over 2 years and their quality is good and price affordable. Next time you are in the supermarket, have a thought about what product to buy.

At Earth Choice, our passion for the environment includes a dedication to animal welfare. Our latest TV commercial, which dramatises the harm that mainstream cleaning products can do to aquatic animals, is testament to this.

For more information, head to the Nature's Organics site.
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