Saturday, November 20, 2010

Howard Hall's beautiful underwater videos

"Howard and Michele Hall are natural history filmmakers specializing in marine wildlife and marine environmental films. Together they have produced numerous films for television including several episodes of the PBS series Nature, a National Geographic Special, and the five-part PBS series Secrets of the Ocean Realm.
Today the Halls are best known for their IMAX films. Howard has directed four IMAX films including Into the Deep, Island of the Sharks, and Deep Sea 3D (the later two films were produced by Michele). Howard has been director of underwater photography on several other IMAX features including the MacGillivray Freeman IMAX feature, Coral Reef Adventure. Howard and Michele also appear as stars in the film.
The Hall’s most recent IMAX 3D feature, Under the Sea 3D, was released in IMAX theaters worldwide in February 2009."

The beauty of the videos below leave me speechless. Anyone who sees this will understand how vital it is to support the creation of marine reserves in order to save biodiversity in our oceans. You haven't taken action yet, please read this article. It's simple, will only take you a few minutes, but could make a big difference!

"The Maldives in RED"

"Sailfish drama"

"Coco Islands 2010"

"Ocean Requiem"

"The Blue Ocean in RED"

Howard Hall's Vimeo channel
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