Friday, December 3, 2010

Save trees, print your files in .wwf format rather than .pdf!

Save as WWF, Save a Tree!

It is with this tagline that the World Wildlife Fund launched a new file format in order to save trees. Every year, millions of square kilometers of forets are cut down in order to produce paper. Paper recycling is still extremely low at a world level and people often print pages for a single use before dumping them away.

The new .WWF format works just like a .PDF but cannot be printed. This is a great way to entice people to save paper, and therefore our world's forests.

Every day, entire forests are cut down to make paper. Paper that’s senselessly used to print out documents all over the world: websites, emails, even entire books, in spite of the fact that it's easy to avoid printing by saving the document as a PDF. But even PDFs can sometimes also be printed out. So to stop unnecessary printing and encourage a new awareness about the use of paper, we’ve developed a new, green file format: WWF. A format that can’t be printed out. A simple idea that saves trees. Join in. Decide for yourself which of your documents don’t need printing - and save them as WWF.


More information on WWF

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