Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to restore pristine oceans? Enric Sala shows us how

Screenshot of Enric Sala's presentation
I have always been a great fan of Ted Talks where many great minded people discuss and present amazing ideas, concepts and insights. Recently, Enric Sala, a marine ecologist who fights to change policies using data and research.

In this talk entitled "Glimpses of a Pristine Ocean, Enric focusses on how we can restore healthy oceans, coral reefs and marine life along with economic benefit: The creation of large marine parks.

In May 2010, the protection of Ocean through marine parks is barely reaching 1% of all ocean surface, while experts say we should protect 20% of all sea surface on Earth to have a sustainable ecosystem (Help create the World's largest marine park in the Coral Sea).
Some of the benefits of creating such a large protected area would be, believe it or not:

Every year, governments pay $35 billion in subsidies to fishing when the cost of protecting those 20% of the ocean is only $16 billion. So little is done, due to a lack of awareness (that this blog tries to fight), bad governance & politics, and wrong funding models.

Remember, no organization alone is going to save the Oceans
Enjoy the video!

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