Sunday, May 9, 2010

"There once was an Island: Te Henua E Nnoho" trailer

"There once was an Island: Te Henua E Nnoho" - This powerful title says it all. The sea level is rising, it is a fact that even skeptics cannot refute. Whether it is the consequence of human activity or not, it doesn't matter. What really matters now, is how do we deal with it?

The most pessimist predictions I could find mentioned a rise of 59 centimeters by year 2100. Many people wouldn't care as it is in 90 years from now. Others will argue that 59 centimeters is not a big change, and therefore do not care either. Well, perhaps the inhabitants of Te Henua E Nnoho, a small Pacific island would show you their story and how alarming it is. This award winner film is yet to be released but the trailer below says enough.

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