Saturday, May 15, 2010

Possible Solutions to collect the Oil Spill

Hair Booms
What if these two easy ways of collecting the lost oil in the Gulf of Mexico were the solution?

With millions of litres of crude oil leaking in the Gulf of Mexico and starting to pollute fragile ecosystems all along the coastline, something needs to be done urgently. As shown in the presentation below, the oil attaches itself to the floating hay. By spreading large quantities of hay in the sea, boats would simple need to collect the floating mix of oil and hay at the surface. Perhaps it sounds too easy but we are in a desperate situation where every idea is a good idea (except those that were already used such as burning the oil spill or spreading dispersant chemicals which are as nocive!).

The second solution is to fill in old stockings with hair and to use this as floating dams that will absorb oils. The reason we use shampoo is because hair absorbs oil, so this should help clean up.

Sometimes the best solutions are the easiest solutions. Do you really think this could help collect the oil from the water? Tell us in the comments!

Using Hay

Using Hair

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