Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Bloom Box, Providing Energy to Households 24/7/365!

This could very well be the greatest invention of the century! A Californian startup called Bloom Energy has announced the soon-to-be-released "Bloom Box". This tiny little boxes, derived from a NASA project, could supply a normal household with electricity 24/7/365! In reality, they are fuel cells and the bigger the are, the more energy they produce. Fuel cells have been around for a while but these can be used with natural gas or even landfill gas, coupled with oxygen.

Bloombox has already raised over $400 million in fundings and has been testing its fuel cells with several major clients such as Google, Ebay, Fedex or even Walmart. It is said that these clients have already saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy bills.

At a lower cost and with less pollution, it seems like this box is magical...
Do you think this could be a revolution in renewable energies?
Do you think there is a hidden face to this project?
Let me know your feelings/thoughts in the comment section below!

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