Thursday, February 11, 2010

India's coal industry: The End justifies the means

As developing countries such as India and China continue to grow, their energy consumption follows at an alarming rate. We know for a fact that China is investing in many oil and gas rich countries in order to secure itself energy reserves for the upcoming decades. We also know that a coal power plant is built every 2 or 3 days (at least a couple years back). Not a good thing for our poor planet, especially when we know that coal energy is one of the main sources of green house gas emissions...

The below documentary shows how badly India is dependent on coal as a source of energy. India currently meets 90% of it's energy requirements. Nearly 65% of its energy production is made possible by coal. The film shows how local populations and workers suffer from those open air mines, and how major energy companies completely neglect their health. This reminds me somehow of the "Pollution in China" photographies.

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